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Verified Education Supplier with all Local Authorities:   Virtual School Consultancy Ltd
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Educational andToys Supplier

CLP1 Colour Light Panels   £8.00
CLP3 Pack of 3     £18.00

3 transparent coloured acrylic sheets (red, blue and yellow) sealed inside hardwood frames with easy grip handles. Looking through them children will see the world in different colours, or they can use more than one to create new colours. Easy to handle and robust making them suitable for children of all ages. Ideal resource for use on light boxes.
£8 each
£18 for 3

Supports the following areas of provision in the EYFS & National Curriculum:

EYFS Personal, Social & Emotional Development: Self-confidence & self-awareness; Managing feelings & behaviour
EYFS Physical Development: Moving & handling
EYFS Understanding the World: The World
KS1 Personal & Social Development
KS1 Science
Supports quality provision using ITERS & ECERS:

ITERS-R: 15. Activities: Fine motor
ITERS-R: 22. Activities: Nature/Science
ECERS-R/E: Activities, Science & Environment, Provisions for children with disabilities, Diversity