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HHBB3  Hollow Building Blocks   £60.00 - 3 piece set

A set of quality hollow blocks made from treated wood. Take the curriculum outdoors with these versatile, open ended blocks.
Includes a variety of shapes to select and stack, including cuboids and planks.
Build, design and create your amazing structures with these beautifully made blocks. Made from pressure treated timber, enabling endless outdoor fun. A great, robust resource for child-initiated and collaborative play. Block sizes vary from 10cm - 40cm in length.
Product Content:
HHBB3 Set of 3 contains: 1 x medium cuboid, 1 x small cuboid, 1 rounded plank £60
HHBB10 Set of 10 contains: 1 x large cube, 3 x small cuboids, 2 x medium cuboids, 1 x triangular prism, 2 x rounded planks, 1 x triangular ramp £ £160

HHBB15 Set of 15 contains: 5 x medium cuboids, 2 x triangular ramps, 2 x small cuboids, 2 x large cuboids, 4 x rounded planks. £210.00
HHBB30 Set of 30 contains: 2 x triangular ramps, 2 x triangular prisms, 2 x small cubes, 2 x large cubes, 6 x small cuboids, 6 x medium cuboids, 4 x large cuboids, 6 x rounded planks. £450

Material: Wood
Brand: TTS