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Easi Ears - 6 Wireless Headsets 
Shortlisted for a BETT Award 2012 - Digital Devices category

Easi-Ears, a new digital audio system designed for primary schools an nurseries. Comprising of a set of six different coloured headphones, remote control unit, docking station for recharging and software. Easi-Ears enables teachers to put their own audio content (e.g. in MP3 format) onto the headphones so that children can listen independently or as a group. The headphones are wireless, so children are not tied to a CD player, enabling them to be active whilst listening inside or outdoors.

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To help get you started, Easi-Ears comes pre-loaded with the Kids & Co title, The New Playground from Rising Stars . Six copies of the book are also provided - ideal for guided reading sessions.

The Kids & Co. series is a range of reading books aimed at children aged 6 to 7 that supports their transition from reading schemes to chapter books. The books feature real-life stories about a group of kids and their families.