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  Flower, Tree Outdoor Chalk Boards   

TF1 £50 Pack of 2 - tree and flower. Plus 2 free chalkboard markers.  
FC1 Flower £25 free chalkboard marker.  
TT1 Tree £35 free chalkboard marker.

Bright, attractive and weather resistant these colourful chalkboard daisies will transform dull playground fencing into an exciting and fun area
Attach to fencing through the pre-punched holes using cable ties supplied or mount on playground walls. Wipe clean.
Why not use these engaging Daisies to: Create themed/zoned/role play areas, explore Maths or Literacy outdoors, create signs around your outdoor area, create signs inside around the school building or write important notices for the day to parents - they can't miss them if they are on a brightly coloured daisy! Made from sturdy plastic, the centre of the flower has a special 'chalkboard' finish though all of the flower could be used.

Material: Plastic
Shape: Daisy
Height: 1000 mm
Width: 800 mm