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ES1 6 Easi Torches plus Charger £55
£6.20 per week nc delivery - 10 weeks
Easi-Torches are the ideal, RECHARGEABLE resource for any primary classroom. This ultra bright LED torches are great for exploring light and shadows without the worry of replacing batteries or having a dim light.

Easi-Torches will provide a constant brightness for up to 3 hours and can be placed to recharge in the hub once their battery is low. A battery life indicator will even remind you!

With a charging time of 3 hours, other features include a large easy to use on/off switch and colour co-ordinated tops and switches to brighten up the classroom.

Science Curriculum Links

Use to explain the scientific idea that light travels from a source and in straight lines
Ideal for creating shadows - use to explore and discuss what shadows are and how they are formed when light cannot pass through certain materials
Use to demonstrate colour mixing - explain that light can be broken into colours and that different colours can be combined as a new colour
Use to explain how light is reflected from surfaces - for example, mirrors

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Perfect to use in the Dark Den