We know integrating ICT is a key aim in Early Years education. We also know that with a busy setting to run, finding that tiny screwdriver in your toolbox and then changing batteries before every session is something you just don't have time to do.

With that in mind, we developed a range of top notch Early Years ICT products, designed to be durable, easy to use and importantly, rechargeable.
This superb set of four rechargeable metal detectors, in four colours, comes complete with a docking station and wall charger.
Ideal for use in sand or around your setting, these detectors are a fantastic addition to your early years resources.

Unlike a lot of detectors on the market, we have tried to make these as easy to use as possible. That means:

No attentuation wheel - we have put a simple 'on/off' switch instead
Motion sensitive - if they are left unattended, they will 'sleep', not beep!
Recharge through the included hub- great for continuous provision and storage
Fully tested to make sure they comply to all relevant toy safety standards for your piece of mind
Investigate what lies beneath the soil, sand, paper etc.
Will it be gold, silver, bronze or other metal? These innovative detectors are simple to use; sweep them over objects or areas and hear the beep as they detect the metal.

With a detection range of up to 40mm for a 25mm diameter coin, these marvellous treasure hunters can be used to aid learning in lots of areas:
* Develop communication skills as children search for hidden treasure, looking at clues and maps.
* Investigate materials in your setting. Is there any metal in a tree? Is there any metal on a table? Why does it beep when I run it over my shoes?
* Discuss why the metal detector beeps when it goes over money, but not other precious items like gems.

We have some wonderful treasure just ready for detecting (see the 'you may also like' tab), but you could also use two pence pieces or even foil covered card (thanks to Nik at St Philip Neri for that suggestion). Why not make your own ancient artefacts and hide them for children to discover?
Batteries should last for up to eight hours in normal use with a three hour recharge period. An LED indicates charge status.
Each detector: L20 x W8cm, for ages 3yrs+.

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EY04176.....Easi Detectors Pack.....£90.00

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